Owe Nothing,
Change Everything

Wagestream allows your employees to stream a % of their wages as they are earned, stream their salary directly into a savings account and get financial education in real-time - all without any impact to your existing systems.

Fair financial services that give, not take

Our missions

  • The complete eradication of payday loans.
  • Every household has £250 in savings.
  • End overdraft fees. Forever.

Proven results for everyone

By giving employees the flexibility and power to access their earned wages whenever they need them, workforces are more productive, more motivated and stay loyal for longer.

Why Wagestream?

Benefit diagram
  • 10% Retention increase
  • 20% Productivity increase
  • 100% Increase in job applications

No loans, no credit, no interest charges, just improved financial wellness

What do our users say?

  • 90%

    Wagestream helped me access my wages early when I needed

  • 35%

    Wagestream has prevented me from using a payday loan

  • 20%

    Wagestream stopped me from going into my overdraft

  • 22%

    Wagestream helps me feel more in control of my finances

  • 44%

    Wagestream has allowed me to pay an unexpected bill

  • 40%

    Wagestream has helped me reduce stress

Solutions designed around your team

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 I continue to receive amazing service levels, I have never known such a quick response time to queries from both the HR team and employees, along with fantastic levels of customer service 

– Lucy Jarvis, Reward & HR Policy Manager

Who we work with

Seamless integration; easy adoption

Our smart technology sits safely and securely between a company’s finance operations and employee bank accounts, with no set-up costs.

How to get started


Founded as a force for social good

Our aim is to play a key role in reducing the poverty premium and prevent employees entering cycles of debt caused by overdraft fees, high-interest credit or pay day loans.  

Our charity partnerships

Better financial wellness, forever

We believe better financial wellness is a lifelong learning endeavour.  That’s why, we’ve created a Just In Time financial education in conjunction with The Money Advice Service.  The app provides a library of expert tools, tips, articles and advice for employees through our app.

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Savings for everyone with Savestream

Our 'help to save' technology allows employees to provision and control a savings account in-app, setting goals and amounts they want to save from their earnings every month.

Wagestream: Everyone benefits

Better financial wellness benefits everyone. If your company wants to see an increase in productivity, motivation and retention, we’d love to hear from you.

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