Europe's #1 Benefit for
Employee Financial Wellness

Wagestream allows your employees to have complete control over when they get paid. It effectively ends the need for employee advances, loans and employee stress suffered from short term, unplanned financial obligations.

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Wagestream on desktop and mobile.
40%+Retention increase
10×Increase in job applications
10%+Productivity increase

Wagestream is the biggest single benefit you can give your employees

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No set-up costs
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No changes to your normal payroll cycle
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Easy, light touch integration
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Comprehensive, measurable results

Wagestream has been proven to improve employee retention by 40%.

For Employers

Reducing stress by providing financial security is the biggest tangible benefit you are able to give your employees.

Staff retention and productivity are highest in companies that put employee financial wellness at the top of their agenda. Long payroll cycles can cause financial stress resulting in unpaid bills and overdraft fees which can be all-consuming to your employee. Wagestream offers a voluntary benefit to your staff and requires no changes to your current payroll process. The process is easy to manage and offers your staff the financial freedom they deserve.

Wagestream on desktop.

For Employees

On the Wagestream app, your employees will be able to see exactly what they’re earning, every hour, every day, every week.

At the touch of a button, your employees can choose to transfer any amount of their earned wages directly into their current account. Wagestream facilitates all payments and reconciles with your normal payroll cycle. In order to settle an unplanned expense, avoid overdraft fees or sort out an unpaid bill, Wagestream is here for your employees. No loans, no credit, no high interest charges, just improved financial wellness.

Wagestream on mobile.

Which of the following causes your employees the most stress?

Wagestream solves your biggest employee issue
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1 in 4
workers say they have lost sleep over money worries
SMF, 2016
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of employees have spent time during the working day dealing with financial problems.
SMF, 2016
Financial pressure icon.
say financial pressure affects relationship with manager
SMF, 2016
Financial worries icon.
of employees with financial worries state money concerns prevent from performing their best at work.
SMF, 2016
Impact on performance icon.
of employers agreed that financial concerns have an impact on employees performance.
SMF, 2016
Wagestream is a financial wellness benefit Not a loan: no interest, no penalties, no hidden fees. Transfers of earned income are automatically deducted from monthly wages.

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How it works

Integrated scheduling

The Wagestream app shows each employee how much they have earned for each hour they have worked. They can transfer these earnings instantly at any time.

Instant payments

Transfers are sent directly to an employee’s current account, for a one-off fixed fee. All transfers made in a given pay period are deducted from monthly wages.

No set-up cost

Integration is minimal with no changes to your current payroll timing and process. There is no set-up fee or integration cost required to launch.

Wagestream platform

Wagestream connects directly with your timekeeping systems and makes a percentage of reported hours/earnings available to your employees. When an employee requests a transfer, Wagestream funds that transfer from its own balance sheet. Wagestream is paid back through your company’s normal payroll process. There is no change to your company’s current payroll process, including the timing of payroll funds.
Scheduling workflow.
Your time-keeping software No changes necessary Wagestream platform Wagestream links to your timekeeping software, either manually or through integration Employee Using the app, employees can view earned wages at any time.
Payroll workflow.
Employee Using the app, employee requests money to be transferred to their current account Wagestream platform Wagestream funds the transfer. No change to employer cashflow. Payroll Any transfers are deducted from monthly payroll and employee is paid as normal

Measurable business benefits

Wagestream can save you millions by signficantly reducing staff turnover.




Average annual salary


Staff turnover


Annual company savings