Give your employees financial flexibility

As defined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Financial wellness does not include any sort of loan or credit or placing any form of debt burden on your employees. 

Wagestream builds greater financial wellness by playing a vital step in eliminating the payday poverty cycle faced by millions of people.

The four elements of financial wellness

  • Feeling in control 

  • Capacity to absorb a financial shock

  • On track to meet goals

  • Flexibility to make choices

*Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Employee financial stress is not linear The pain is real

Linear graph

Wagestream helps put an end to employee financial stress

Financial stress diagram

Wagestream enables your employees to pay bills on time, avoid late fees, and pay for unexpected expenses. 

  • Empower your employees

    In conjunction with The Money Charity and the Money Advice Service the Wagestream app aims to support your employees by building better financial health. Showing content from budgeting advice, to understanding their payslip, your employees can browse content relevant to them.

Wagestream: Everyone benefits

Better financial wellness benefits everyone. If your company wants to see an increase in productivity, motivation and retention, we’d love to hear from you.

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