Welcome aboard

With experienced Success Managers, 24/7 customer support and tried and tested employee engagement tools, you will be in safe hands. From productivity and retention, to financial control and employee wellbeing, we deliver your goals.

Kick off and sit back

Wagestream’s Success Team take the lead on delivery. We work closely with your HR, Ops & Finance teams to successfully manage implementation and rollout. We guarantee high employee engagement.

  • Training from the roots up

    The Wagestream Team provide training to all your key stakeholders. From your HQ to those on the ground, closest to your workforce.

  • A rollout tailored to you

    We create a personalised communications plan leveraging our best practice and your unique business needs to ensure high engagement and understanding of Wagestream in your organisation.

  • Plug and play

    Use one of our pre-built connectors to popular Workforce Management platforms, or integrate directly via REST API or secure file transfer.

Launch and go

Instant financial freedom. Once your employees have enrolled, they can make transfers immediately. You have complete transparency by viewing all usage in your Partner Portal. Our Success Team will always be on hand to support you and your organisation throughout the launch and beyond.

  • Just in time knowledge

    Knowledge is power. That’s why in conjunction with The Money Advice Service and The Money Charity, we provide just in time, curated financial wellness content to your organisation.

  • Financial wellness, now and forever

    A dedicated Success Manager, all for you. We're here with the tools, materials and support channels to ensure financial wellness is brought to your organisation now and forever.

Frequently asked questions on getting started

  • How long does it take to implement Wagestream?

    Depending how fast you move, Wagestream can be live within 24 hours but our typical rollout is 7 - 10 business days. 

  • How does this impact my current payroll and scheduling? 

    Wagestream's get paid as you earn, plug in technology has no impact on current, or proposed HR systems. Technologically, we are designed to work in unison with current systems meaning there will be no noticeable impact to current technical processes.

Wagestream: Everyone benefits

Better financial wellness benefits everyone. If your company wants to see an increase in productivity, motivation and retention, we’d love to hear from you.

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